Sydney Beaches List – 60 of the Best for Surf, Sun, & Family

Located along Sydney’s long stretching coastline and in its beautiful bays are so many beautiful beaches including world-renowned surf beaches, swimming beaches, secluded natural sites, and epic scenic spots.

Most of the beaches are accessible by public transport, feature great amenities, and for some time now thanks to ongoing efforts, are well-kept, clean, and with clear water.

Before heading to the beach, check Beachsafe for the latest updates and be aware of bluebottles, rips, and sharks.

We’ll start the list with the seven most popular beaches in Sydney, notable surf beaches, and family-friendly picks, then, a complete list from Palm Beach in the north all the way south to Cronulla.

The all-around most famous and most popular beaches in Sydney are Bondi, Manly, Coogee, South Cronulla, Palm Beach, Balmoral and Queenscliff.

The most popular beaches for surfers are Manly, North Narrabeen, Cronulla, Bondi, and Maroubra with others noted in the tables below.

The most popular beaches with calmer waters and amenities for families are Coogee Beach, Little Bay Beach,  Shelly Beach, Parsley Bay Reserve (Woollahra), Chinamans Beach, and  Clontarf Reserve (Clontarf).

Complete list – Sydney Beaches by area

Amenities: 1. parking 2. showers 3. change rooms 4. toilets 5. pool 6. public transport 7. shade 8. park 9. boat ramp

Northern Beaches

North of Sydney Harbour

BeachGoogle MapsNotesSurfAmenitiesSwimming & Surf Safety
Avalonmap500 m long southeast-facing beachyes1,2,3,4,5,6Beachsafe Report
Bilgolamap500m long, faces southeastyes123467Beachsafe Report
Bunganmap600m long running south-southeast yes1246Beachsafe Report
Collaroymap 3.6 km long beach with a rockpool at Narrabeenyes6Beachsafe Report
North & South Curl Curlmap1.2 km beach faces southeast with rockpools at either endyes123456Beachsafe Report
Dee Whymap800m long beachyes12458Beachsafe Report
Fairy BowermapVery small beach with a rockpool56Beachsafe Report
Fishermansmap 500 m long beachyes146Beachsafe Report
Freshwatermap350m long, the beach where surfboard riding in Australia first beganyes1234568Beachsafe Report
Long Reefmap1km long beach facing south-southeast1234678Beachsafe Report
ManlymapWorld-renowned beach, with a full range of amenitiesyes123456789Beachsafe Report
Mona Valemap1km long beach with rockpool at the northern end12345678Beachsafe Report
Narrabeenmap1km long world-famous surf beachyes1234678Beachsafe Report
Newportmap1.3km long beach12368Beachsafe Report
North SteynemapJoins the northern end of Manly Beach and the southern end of Queenscliff beach123467Beachsafe Report
Palm BeachmapSydney’s most northerly beach, 2.3km in length and east-facing1234568Beachsafe Report
QueenscliffmapAt its southern end, joins North Steyne Beach and in turn Manly Beach12345678Beachsafe Report
Shelly Beach (Manly)map100 m long beach popular with divers16Beachsafe Report
Turimettamap350m long beach, unpatrolled, popular with photographers168Beachsafe Report
Warriewoodmap500m long beach, scenic, usually quiet1246Beachsafe Report
Whale Beachmap600m long beachyes1234568Beachsafe Report

Beaches in Port Jackson & Sydney Harbour

Amenities: 1. parking 2. showers 3. change rooms 4. toilets 5. pool 6. public transport 7. shade 8. park 9. boat ramp

BeachGoogle MapsNotesSurfAmenitiesSwimming & Surf Safety
Athol Bay BeachmapAround 400m long, sectioned by rocky outcrops and boat jetties, offers views of Sydney Harbour Bridge in the distance1,6,8Beachsafe Report
Balmoral BeachmapPopular 860m long east-northeast facing beachyes1,2,3,4,5,6,8Beachsafe Report
Camp Covemap250 m wide northwest-facing beach1,4,6,8Beachsafe Report
Castle RockmapVery small, secluded beach with more following the walking trail west8Beachsafe Report
Clifton GardensmapAlso known as Chowder Bay Beach1,4,6,8Beachsafe Report
Chinamans Beachmap220m long beach backed by a park, busy on weekends1,4,6,8Beachsafe Report
ClontarfmapCalm waters and park, nearby another option is Sandy Beach1,4,7,8Beachsafe Report
Cobblers Beachmapsecluded nudist beach1,8Beachsafe Report
Collins BeachmapPretty beach that is secluded and backed by a large nature reserve1,8Beachsafe Report
Double Bay Beachmapsmall beach with boat jettyBeachsafe Report
Edwards BeachmapPretty 400m long beach that joins Balmoral Beach at its southern end. Busy on weekends1,6,8Beachsafe Report
Lady Martins BeachmapSmall secluded beach completely backed by private houses with a small lane giving accessBeachsafe Report
Little Manly BeachmapSmall but popular beach, if its busy, head to nearby Collins Beach1,5,6,8Beachsafe Report
Milk BeachmapSmall secluded beach with harbour and bridge views. Backed by Strickland House heritage site and park, There are three smaller beaches to the south1,8Beachsafe Report
North Head Quarantine Station BeachmapIts name comes from the old Quarantine Station heritage site that it fronts.Beachsafe Report
Obelisk BeachmapQuiet nudist beachBeachsafe Report
Seven Shillings BeachmapQuiet beach with cafe and park on Sydney Harbour1,2,3,4,5,6,8Beachsafe Report
Reef BeachmapSecluded beach accessed only by 500m walk through the nature reserveBeachsafe Report
Shark Beachmap(Reopens April 2023) Popular with families. Nearby is the heritage site, Greycliffe House, and lookouts across the harbour plus walking trails through Nielsen Park.1,2,3,4,5,6,8Beachsafe Report
Washaway BeachmapSecluded natural beachBeachsafe Report

Southern Beaches

South of Sydney Harbour

Amenities: 1. parking 2. showers 3. change rooms 4. toilets 5. pool 6. public transport 7. shade 8. park 9. boat ramp

BeachGoogle MapsNotesSurfAmenitiesSwimming & Surf Safety
BondimapThe most popular beach in Sydney, and can get crowded on weekends and holidays. 800 m long south-facing beach also features a popular 2 hr coastal walking trail.yes1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8Beachsafe Report
BrontemapA small but scenic 250m long beach that fronts the large Bronte Park featuring playground, baths, landscaped areas, and surf club1,2,3,4,5,6,8Beachsafe Report
ClovellymapSmall beach wave-free beach, popular with swimmers and scuba divers1,2,3,4,5,6,8Beachsafe Report
CoogeemapPopular 400m long beach with few waves also offering scenic views from the headland1,2,3,4,5,6,8Beachsafe Report
Cronulla mapAlso called South Cronulla Beach, it’s a 300m beach that can get busy, to the north is the long stretching North Cronulla, Elouera, Wanda, Greenhills, and Boat Harbour Beaches.yes1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8Beachsafe Report
North Cronulla map400 m long section of beach with bike paths, lookout, and shaded areas. Joins Elouera beach at its northern end.yes1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8Beachsafe Report
Eloueramap400 m long section of beach joining Wanda Beach at its northern end.yes1,2,3,4Beachsafe Report
Gordons BaymapSmall beach with few waves1Beachsafe Report
Greenhillsmap3.5km section of beach that is extended by Wanda, Elouera, North Cronulla beaches to its south. Backed by a large state park, it is quite peaceful and undeveloped.8Beachsafe Report
Little BaymapA small sheltered beach popular for swimming and snorkelling1,3,4Beachsafe Report
Malabarmapsmall 150m long beach1,4,6,8Beachsafe Report
MaroubramapPopular 1km long beach with two surf clubs and backed by the large Arthur Byrne Reserve featuring picnic and BBQ areasyes1,2,3,4,5,6,8Beachsafe Report
Shelly Beach (Cronulla)mapMostly rock coastline with small sandy area with rock pool and park area1,2,3,4,5,6,8Beachsafe Report
Tamaramamap80m long but deep beach backed by a small park. Nearby to the south is Bronte Beach and 1km north is Bondi Beach1,2,3,4,6,8Beachsafe Report
Wandamap1500m section of beach in Cronulla that joins Elouera Beach at its southern end and Greenhills Beach at its northern end1,2,3,4Beachsafe Report

Beaches in Botany Bay

BeachGoogle MapsNotesSurfAmenitiesSwimming & Surf Safety
Airport BeachmapAlso known as Cooks River Beach. Popular place for plane spotting
Bumbora Rock (Yarra Bay)mapSmall beach section located at the northwestern end of Yarra Bay1Beachsafe Report
Congwong BeachmapNear the La Perouse Heritage area and backed by a large nature reserve. Split in two sections by a rocky headland.Beachsafe Report
Foreshore Beachmapfishing spot, dog walking, plane watching1,9Beachsafe Report
Frenchmans Baymap3-400m long beach in the Le Perouse heritage area. Small waves if any, peaceful but busy on weekends1,2,3,4,6,8Beachsafe Report
Kyeemagh BeachmapSmall section of beach that fronts Cooks Park and joins northern end of Lady Robinson Beach1,2,3,4,6,8Beachsafe Report
Lady Robinsons Beach mapLong stretching beach that includes Brighton Beach, Ramsgate beach and Dolls Point Beach. Popular for watersports.1,2,3,4,6,8Beachsafe Report
Little Congwong BeachmapNatural and undeveloped beach fronting the La Perouse park and heritage areaBeachsafe Report
Silver Beachmap3km north-facing beach that runs from Captain Cooks landing point to Bonna Point and the small Kurnell Beach1,5,8Beachsafe Report
Yarra Bay Beachmap650m long beach with calm waters1,2,3,4,5,6,8Beachsafe Report