Sydney Ferries is the public transport ferry network serving the Australian city of Sydney, New South Wales. Services operate on Sydney Harbour and the connecting Parramatta River. The network is controlled by the New South Wales Government’s transport authority, Transport for NSW, and is part of the authority’s Opal ticketing system.



Using Ferries in Sydney

For fares, use your Opal Card, you tap on when entering and tap off when exiting. The fare is automatically calculated and deducted from your card. More about Opal Cards. With Sydney Ferries, you tap on before boarding and tap off after disembarking. For My Fast Ferry and SeaLink / Captain Cook Cruises you tap to pay when boarding.

You can also purchase single journey tickets at the station or alternatively use your credit card. You need to have a “contactless” type of credit card and tap on and tap off in the same way you would use an Opal Card.

For journey planning, you can use several APPS, or use the journey planner at https://transportnsw.info and more info on using ferries here.


Sydney Ferries Route Map

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