Sydney to Fitzroy Falls & Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley is a small delightful village and incredibly scenic area offering a tranquil river perfect for kayaking, the nearby Fitzroy Falls and the Gerringong Falls, the heritage Hampden Bridge, vineyard, golf retreat, pioneer settlement museum and much more. Here’s how to get there from Sydney by car or train.


Sydney to Fitzroy Falls & Kangaroo Valley by Car


Option A

This route is the fastest and takes the Hume Hwy for the majority of way turning off at Alymerton and passing the Fitzroy Falls area before reaching Kangaroo Valley.

Journey Time: 2 h 8 min (156 km) via Hume Motorway/M31



Option B

This much longer yet extraordinary route takes the Grand Pacific Drive. It’s packed with attractions along the way and of course, you could arrive by option A and return by option B or vice versa.

Journey Time: 3 h 22 min (177 km)



Sydney to Fitzroy Falls & Kangaroo Valley by Train


From Sydney, you can take the Southern XPLORER TRAIN 633, Southern XPT Train 623, Southern XPLORER TRAIN 631, Griffith XPLORER TRAIN 641, Southern XPT Train 623, and others to Moss vale Station (1 h 42 min), from there you can take the 810 bus (from Moss Vale – Stop ID 257735) to Fitzroy Falls (30 min) or continue to the Kangaroo Valley Tourist Park stop (55 min).

There are other train/bus route combinations with more transfers and longer in duration, see all timetables and route options via the Transport NSW Journey Planner.