Sydney to Wollongong – by Car, Train, or Bus

There are many ways to get from Sydney to Wollongong including two driving route options, regular train services, and daily bus services. Here’s an into to each


Sydney to Wollongong By Car



Option one above is to take the 1 h 24 min (89.8 km) drive via the Princes Hwy/A1 and M1. This is also the fastest route.

The second and iconic route for its extraordinary coastal views is the Grand Pacific Drive which takes you through the rainforests of the Royal National Park, amazing coastal views, and the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge.

Note that there is a fee to enter the Royal National Park and it may close at certain times so be sure to check before taking this route at National Parks NSW.

Here is the Grand Pacific Drive route to Wollongong noting that there are many options for scenic detours along the way.



Sydney to Wollongong by Train

The South Coast Line (SCO) takes you directly from Sydney to Wollongong taking around 1 h 50 mins with services every hour. The journey cost ranges from $6.44 to $9.10. For the South Coast Line timetable see here and use the journey planner here for trains and connecting buses.

Afer getting out of the urban area there is some rainforest scenery and coastal views along the way. The trains are modern and air conditioned with toilets. Tip: From Sydney, head upstairs and sit on the left hand side facing the direction of travel for the best views.

Wollongong station is the nearest station to Wollongong’s central business district with about a 20 min (2.5 km walk) or taxi or bus ride.

You can take your bike on the train, or rent bikes from several places in Wollongong.

From Wollongong Station you can also catch a free shuttle bus service that does a loop around the CBD including Wollongong Harbour, see the map below

Sydney to Wollongong by Bus

Premier Motor Service operates a bus from Sydney to Eden service which stops at Wollongong. Tickets cost $18 and the journey takes 2h. For timetables and more info visit: